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The Trip Pro offering takes an already wonderful – and free – version of Trip and makes it even better.  With more content, more functionality, no adverts and more, it really makes the Trip experience even better.  Institutional and personal subscriptions are available (click here to see Institutional price list).

Enhancements to the Pro version include:

More Content

  1. Over 100,000 extra systematic reviews than the free version
  2. Millions of extra free full-text articles
  3. Easily search over 175,000 ongoing clinical trials
  4. Access to a massive database of medical images
  5. Access to tens of thousands of clinical videos

More functionality

  1. Export of records to reference management software
  2. Advanced search
  3. Ability to filter results by clinical area
  4. Article views, see which articles are most popular for your search

Other features

  1. No adverts
  2. Discounts on evidence services provided by the Trip Evidence Service
  3. Be the first to benefit from new features added to Trip

You can upgrade in one of 2 ways:

Institutional Subscription (VAT, where applicable, will apply)

If your institution has not already purchased an upgrade, you can find out pricing details here, prices start at $215 per annum.

Personal Subscription (If applicable, Trip Database will pay VAT at your home countries rate . If you are VAT registered you may claim this back)

You can purchase your own professional/private subscription for only $40 per annum, by credit card, and this will take effect IMMEDIATELY: